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I stared at the barren walls of my cell, my clawed hands scratching at the orange jumpsuit I had been forced into, the one THEY had forced me into. Bile rises in my throat as I flex my stained claws; I can hear a clicking noise followed by a few beeps before a man’s voice comes over the intercom. “SCP-2185, it is time for your weekly health evaluation and cell cleaning. Please get up and step forward with your hands up where we can see them.” The voice says plainly, I can still hear a slight hint of fear in it though, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. I get up from my bed and walk over to the door of my cell, rolling my eyes as I lift my hands into the stick-em’-up position. My cell door opens, revealing 5 MTF’s and a Doctor, One of the MTF’s steps forward and places thick, heavy handcuffs around my wrists before securing them tightly, I sigh and stand up straight as I walk down the hall, followed by said people. We continue down the hall until we come up to an elevator, the room they examine me in is several floors down, in the underground levels.

They nudge me in and crowd around me before pressing the button. I gently yank at the offending handcuffs, as the tall doctor stares at me. I growl softly and turn away from him; I can hear one of the MTF’s scolding him as I stare at the corner of the elevator. “Sir, we advise you not to stare at the subject, it can easily set her off.” I turn back to see the doctor wringing his hands. “Yes, well, I had no idea, I’m sorry. She is such a remarkable creature, almost entirely human yet still a monster and the way she gets around and attacks is very unique when compared to other SCP’s. I growl and turn to face him. “You want me to show you my ‘technique’?” I hiss viscously as the doctor steps back a bit, the MTF stops me though, leaning his gun between me and the doctor while another MTF points his gun directly at me. “SCP-2185, If you do not cooperate we have the right to use force and tranquilize you if need be!” The MTF pointing his gun at me says, I hiss at him before pulling away from the doctor, the elevator dings and opens and I step out and begin walking towards the operating room.

“Just hurry up and get it over with.” I say as I lean my head down. “Oh god!” I hear the doctor gasp from behind me and I quickly lift my head to see what’s going on. In front of me is another SCP, he is chained up, just like me and judging by the direction he and the guards surrounding him are going, he is being lead back to his cell. He is an odd one, tall and dressed in an odd coat with a strange white bird mask, I quirk a brow as I continue to watch him a bit wearily. “Why have you not taken him back to his cell yet? We are ordered to never let SCP’s come into contact with one another unless authorized! We are violating a strict rule! “An MTF says behind me as he takes his gun and nudges me back from the other SCP. “We were heading that way, if you couldn’t tell, I am fully aware of the rules!” An MTF by the other SCP booms, I roll my eyes before hearing a third voice. “Let’s not fight gentlemen; I shall go back to my cell without further delay and with no trouble caused.” I soon realize the voice is coming from the masked SCP, it is deep with a slightly metallic feel to it, probably due to him speaking through the mask, and I can also tell that he has a relatively thick British accent. “You can talk?” I ask as I nudge forward a bit, trying to get closer to the strange SCP. "Why, yes madam. I can, as can you I see.” He responds back not moving from his spot. I look down at his hands, which are stained with dirt and blood and tightly chained just like mine. “You’re touch… you’re hands are absolute death…” I say, getting my usual uneasy feeling when I am near something dangerous. “As are yours my lady, you’re not a doctor, you’re like me, and I do not sense the disease within you. How strange.” His voice is slightly skeptical as he eyes me, his sclera’s are black and his irises are white, they are eerily piercing. I step back a bit as he continues walking with the guards back to his cell.

I start walking again as well but slower until I hear his voice call out again. “Oh doctor. I expect you to uphold you’re Hippocratic Oath and be kind and gentle to the lady. Do not hurt her and do not think of her as a monster. For I can tell, she does not act out in aggression, she acts out in fear and pain. I can’t sense the disease in her, but I can sense another kind of illness, a kind of pain that should not be forced upon such a lovely individual.” He eyes me with those strange optics of his again before speaking once more. “Maybe I will see you again sometime, in these hallowed halls. I would love to get to know you and your deathly touch a little… better.” And with that said he turns and disappears out of sight. I swallow roughly and continue into the operating room, Where 3 of the 5 MTF’s come into the room and the last 2 stand guard at the door. The doctor grabs some tools and places them on the table beside my bed as I jump up and sit on it.

“Hmmm, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you have a little thing for SCP-049…” The doctor chuckles softly as he eyes me, his normal blue eyes sparkling with amusement and interest. “Shut up! SCP-049… 049 huh?” I whisper his number under my breath a few times before lying back against the table, and growling at the doctor as he places an anesthesia mask over my face, commenting on how it will hide my red cheeks. I grumble under the mask as everything slowly fades away, the last thing that goes through my groggy head, are strange black and white eyes and the designation number 049.
My sister helped with this, she pretty much forced me to write it... She is also fond of the SCP-Containment Breach games and 049 is her favorite so, I hope you enjoy it. I will put a link to 049's page so you can read up on him, he is a very interesting SCP, I will also put a link so you can download the game for yourself if you want to give it a try! I hope to have some more stuff out later today as well, so be on the lookout for it!
SCP-Containment Breach belongs to it's respective owners!
2185 or your character is one of my OC's so she belongs to me!

Game Link:[link] (This one is a rar. file)

[link] (This one is a zip. file) This newest update may be a bit buggy but I heard that if you run the game as an administrator it works perfectly, just read up on it.

049 Information Link: [link]
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thats why I have yet to finalize my scp oc, scp 5555555 (very original name me)
a huge dog-like creature with spines on it's back, huge, banana sized claws, and no visible mouth. Just eyes, nose, and ears. The mouth is actually hidden underneath a thin layer of skin, and can be ripped when needed to show jaws filled with needle sharp fangs. It one day emerged from that one scp, I forgot it's number, but It's the one that looks like a blood filled lake. Highly intelligent... For a dog that is... it's actually quite friendly, of course, the MTFs didn't know that until later. The thick layers of fur actually absorb nearly all of the force, radiation,light,plasma,lasers- everything that can be shot from something, including the bullet itself. Had to be trapped in an abandoned warehouse and sedated with sleeping gas. It's really playful, full of energy and loves to cuddle with class D personnel, except when she's in a mood. 
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There needs to be a Sequel With a Containment Breach where they meet again.
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This is really awesome! I'm a huge fangirl of The Plague Doctor! :heart: The thought of him romancing someone just melts my fangirl heart! :faint:
Since he stated himself that he can speak but just chooses not to with the "infected", it makes me curious about what he might say to someone who isn't "infected". What kind of conversations would they have? Lol, what if, as part of an experiment, they threw a woman in his containment cell and asked her to start stripping! :giggle: How would 049 react to that? Hahaha, just a thought.
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Another 049 fan huh? I didn't think anyone would like this that much, but I'm glad you enjoyed it, I may have more SCP stuff out soon~
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